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According to Ctrl-Alt-Del:

“Winter-een-mas, in it’s essence, is a holiday for gamers. It is a celebration of games and the gamers who play them. Video games allow us to do things, go places, see stuff that we
couldn’t do in real life. They can be an escape from reality, a release after a long day, a fun activity with friends, or just an enjoyable way to pass time. They give us a lot of entertainment. So why shouldn’t
they be celebrated?

And in the same spirit, gamers themselves are extraordinary people. There are millions of people world-wide that enjoy video games. Some are hardcore fanatics, some are casual gamers. But we are all part of
the same community, and it’s a community to be proud of.

The Winter-een-mas season lasts all of January, with the actual holiday lasting seven days, January 25-31.”

In fact it’s a holiday of sorts brought up by one of the characters, Ethan, in order for him to have control over everyone.

Despite the initial idea, that didn’t go forward, it became the holiday for the gamers. Let’s all pray for a good Winter-een-mas this year!

And if needed, let’s just call Gamemaster Macmanus (aka Ethan) and he’ll help us all!

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