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Fick dich donner

Wenn du den Schall des Donners´╗┐ hrst, mach dir nicht ins Hemd. Schnapp deinen Donner-Buddy und sing ganz ungehemmt. Fick dich Donner, leck mich doch am Sack. Du Arschloch kannst mir gar nichts, du bist nur gottes Kack

Everyone – Adema

I’m sick of the excuses that you want me to believe I’ve been understanding, givin’ everything you need Using me is over now and soon you’re gonna see I’m done with you, I’m done with you Would there be a difference if I followed what you say? Taken from my mind and I can’t seem […]

Do you

pity me?

How to: wake up boyfriend

1- Get up; 2- Jump on the boyfriend’s arm; 3- Push boyfriend to the side; 4- Grab laptop, start skype and say good morning to your new best friend. Easy.


I don’t know where my girlfriend is…