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Arx Racing F1 Team

Arx Racing F1 Team logo

Manager details

  • Name: Hugo Sousa
  • Member id: 949
  • Gender: Male
  • Location: Portugal


  • Team: none
  • Drivers: none


  • Total points: 64 points
  • Total wins: 0 wins
  • Total championships: 0 championships

Sportive Facts

  • Season 8: Divison 4.10, Ongoing
  • Season 7: Divison 3.5, nineth place (depromoted)
  • Season 6: Divison 3.5, sixth place
  • Season 5: Division 3.5, third place
  • Season 4: Division 3.5, sixth place

Driver details

Main team

  • Driver 1: Ellen Janssen
  • Driver 2: Fernando Hiir
  • Test Driver: Marko Zorman

Youth team

  • Youth driver 1:
  • Youth driver 2:
  • Youth driver 3:


  • Engine: Arx Racing F1 Team
  • Fuel: Arx Racing F1 Team
  • Tyres: Arx Racing F1 Team
  • Brakes: Arx Racing F1 Team


  • Head designer: Karl Peake
  • Head mechanic: Dario Cazan
  • Head commercial: Saulius Andres
  • Coach:
  • Scout:

Press Releases available here.


Currently, the Arx Racing F1 Team is using a modified version of last season’s challenger and third placer, the HS1-2. This season, the contender has been renamed to AP1-2B, reagarding that the team is no longer using the manager’s name on the nomenclature (Hugo Sousa1-2). The change brings more from the team to the car, by using Arx Project on it’s name. The fact that it’s called 1-2 means that it’s the first generation and the second vehicle built on it.

The team is struggling on debts and trying to pay them off, in order to be able to improve the car. In the last season we came to an end on third position, which was quite good, due to the fact that we had mid-grid materials and were already full of debts.

This season the goal is to reduce the debts as much as possible, so that, in the near seasons the team can improve the contender and start winning. There’s also the possibility to stay on the third division, though it’s not the most important right now. The administration believes that, by being relegated to division 4, there will be less expenditure and more performance, but if there is a chance to stay on division 3, the team should cope with it.

Evolution of the chassis

AP1-1 technical specifications (soon)

AP1-2 technical specifications

AP1-2B technical specifications

AP1-3 technical specifications

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