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09 January 2007 – Season Report

The Arx Racing F1 Team has seen the last season as a desert crossing. Not always the team was able to qualify and race but the group kept solid as a rock. All the staff kept working for a better future and the results are just right by the corner.
The team hopes that the bad times have been swept away under the carpet and this season works out good.

The Arx Racing F1 Team manager,
Hugo Sousa

01 January 2007 – Report

The Arx Racing F1 Team regrets the fact that was not present in the last race due to some issues regarding parts. Fortunately the problem has been fixed and the team is ready for the last race of the season.

The Arx Racing F1 Team manager,
Hugo Sousa

24 December 2006Report

The Arx Racing F1 Team is proud to announce that the next year’s contender has already been finished, being now on the 7 pole test system. Soon it will come to the track to test. Meanwhile, new parts are being tested with an interim chassis.

The team would also like to congratulate it’s pilots for the one-two on the last race’s qualification, proving that the current chassis is still good enough on few laps.

The Arx Racing F1 Team manager,
Hugo Sousa

17 December 2006 – Report

The Arx Racing F1 Team is proud of it’s staff work throughout the last weeks. This weekend Fernando Hiir was able to out-qualify the other drivers by 0.841s and Ellen Janssen, who was on a relatively conservative strategy, went for 8th on the grid at 1.695s from Hiir.
During the race the story was different. Hiir has a clutch failure and Janssen got his front wing ripped off in a race incident and spun on turn 5 getting trapped on the gravel.

The team is also proud to announce that the new year’s contender is almost ready, and further tests in the wind tunnel are being conducted, as well as work on CFD (thanks to our partner, Taema, who provided us with a 128 nodes with 2 processors (dual core) each supercomputer. Which means that the machine has a total of 512 cores and is able to compute around 6,000GFlops.).

In addition, all the team’s press releases are being mirrored at the team’s website.

The Arx Racing F1 Team manager,
Hugo Sousa

28 November 2006 – Report

The Arx Racing F1 Team is proud to announce it’s partnership with Joint Engineering which will enable the team to have a second wind tunnel and more staff to help in the new car. Also Joint Engineering has amortized the bank debt the team was struggling to pay.
The new car project has already started and is to be a revolution. It will have a more aerodynamic profile and the chassis will be stiffer though lighter. the team will not continue to upgrade the current chassis in order to concentrate efforts on the new one.

The Arx Racing F1 Team manager,
Hugo Sousa

20 November 2006 – Race Report

The Arx Racing F1 Team has experienced a huge load of problems this weekend and has been unable to qualify one of the cars. Ellen Janssen was able to get on track and do the qualifying round but got stuck on the race with the clutch problems that have affected the team throughout the whole weekend.

In addition to this, the conversations with a strategic partner have failed but there has been a proposal to buy the team. We are confident that this season all problems will be resolved.

The Arx Racing F1 Team manager,
Hugo Sousa

12 November 2006 – Race Report

Once again, the Arx Racing F1 Team has made a lousy performance. The cars, nearly didn’t race as there are still no spare parts. This situation is due to the fact that truck drivers are boycotting transporting materials from us because the union says we push them too hard. The problem is that it’s undergoing for a few weeks now and they have barricaded the factory so there is no way we can take parts from there.

The Arx Racing F1 Team manager,
Hugo Sousa

06 August 2006 – Race Report

The Arx Racing F1 Team is extremely disappointed with the last race, therefore announces that the team is up for sale, at a low price.

We would also want to express our gratitude for all the staff members who worked here in the last seasons. If the team is sold, all personnel will keep their job.

The Arx Racing F1 Team manager,
Hugo Sousa

30 July 2006 – Race Report

The Arx Racing F1 Team has seen today’s race as a preview of the rest of the season as the cars have had no real evolution though some small changes have been made. The lack of pace is no surprisedue to the fact that there were no pre-season testing and Ellen Janssen was the only driver out to check the track on this weekend’s practice session and just for a flying lap.
As the team is running without the support of the botswanan car maker Ultratec it was not possible to buy other materials for the car and therefore the carswill use last year’s Ultratec engines rebuilt by the team, as well as the brakes and tires will be bought on convinience stores. The fuel this year will be biodiesel obtained from a distillery and a crop we planted behind our facility. The engineers are trying new formulas to improve the fuel and are also waiting to see if the BPVAVHTF (Biodiesel, Powerade, Viagra, Aloe Vera High Technology Fuel) is acceptable in the championship.

The Arx Racing F1 Team manager,
Hugo Sousa

23 July 2006 – New season

The Arx Racing F1 Team has come to this new season with great hopes, but with even greater fears. The fear for a team bankruptcy is an always near. All employees have been warned of the team situation during the last meeting and have agreed to help reducing costs without sacking more people, so, a salary reduction is being discussed by both sides.

The Arx Racing F1 Team manager,
Hugo Sousa

02 July 2006 – Race Report

The Arx Racing F1 Team has seen the last race as a success. Ellen Janssen scored one point for the team despite his shunt on the previous race and Nezam, who was running on cortisone due to backache got nineth.

I, as a Arx Racing team manager would like to express gratitude to all the staff members for the effort done in division the maintenance. It was a really titanic fight.
The most sad is that without proper funding next year, the team may have to declared bankrupcy or even be sold.

A last word to DaggerG who showed support for the team and congratulations for his team’s maintenance.

The Arx Racing F1 Team manager,
Hugo Sousa

25 June 2006 – Race Report

The Arx Racing F1 Team has seen the last race as a total faillure, with both cars hitting the wall due to rear wing failure.
Nezam Viskintas has sustained a back injury and, as for now, it’s extension is unknown.
Ellen Janssen has just felt a bit dizzy and after being take to hospital for further testing has been declared ok although he will not drive until Wednesday.

The team wishes to express regret for the marshals, Iņaki Zarzuera, who have been caught by a flying wheel from Nezam’s vehicle and will be available to help them with their recovery.

We would also like to request the Federation (as in Frank van Laere) to increase the safety measures on the vehicles, like adopting the HANS system, which has already been in use by the team since the start of this season and helped Nezam to pass through this accident without a major neck injury. There is also the problem of the wall and rails being so close to the track in this race and the use of gravel and grass instead of a banked tarmac safety zone before the walls. The fact that the marshals have no protection, like wire nets, a steel cabinet, and most of them are too near the rails is a major issue that has to be revised.

I, as a former driver, urge the pilots in the championship to revive the GPDA (Grand Prix Drivers Association), since the team managers seem to forget these issues.

The Arx Racing F1 Team manager,
Hugo Sousa

18 June 2006 – Announcement

The Arx Racing F1 Team sad to announce that this weekend will not take part on the race.
This odd behavior happens due a food poisoning in the team’s catering. This situation has caught both drivers and several mechanics .
We would also like to wish the best for the participating teams.

The Arx Racing F1 Team manager,
Hugo Sousa

03 June 2006 – Performance

As it was visible to everyone, the Arx Racing F1 Team did not send any cars out during the testing week. This is due to the fact that some of the sponsors have not paid their commissions and the lack of some money from the the governing body. The Arx F1 racing Team has been in meetings, finding new ways to increase the budget and improve the car, but there haven’t been great developments on this subject.

The Arx Racing F1 Team manager,
Hugo Sousa

20 May 2006 – Performance

The Arx Racing F1 Team proud to announce it’s provisional website, inserted within the manager’s weblog. In this site it will be possible to know the developments of the team’s car, as well as the major news. Currently the team’s history and the chassis are already available for the curious minds.

link for the website: http://blog.arnax.org/?page_id=14

The Arx Racing F1 Team manager,
Hugo Sousa

02 April 2006 – No Qualify

The Arx Racing F1 Team is sad to announce that due to a general food poisoning the team was unable to perform qualify and therefore is already leaving the country towards home.

There will be no fight this weekend.

Fortunately the team has gained the third spot on the constructors championship. as well as the 5th and 6th spot on the drivers.

Great year this one. Great car we had. Let’s hope next year things will improve or at the worst, maintain.

The Arx Racing F1 Team manager,
Hugo Sousa

(Now it’s time for the Real F1, 5AM here ^^’)

20 February 2006 – Sacking

Arx Racing F1 Team is sad to announce the sacking of 50 designers.
Unfortunately, since the new board arrived, the team is undergoing a restructuring process and there is the need to cut costs.
To our ex-employees and their families, our sincere apologies, but for the team to remain liable this measure had to be taken.

The Arx Racing F1 Team manager,
Hugo Sousa

24 December 2005 – Pole Position

Arx Racing F1 Team is pleased to announce Ellen Jansen’s renewal and congratulates him for his (and the team’s) first pole position for this week’s race.
We must also congratulate Donatas Singhal for his fifth spot on the grid.

1. Ellen Janssen Portugal Arx Racing – CrystSpeed (HS1/1) – 1:27.802
2. Mary Bogdanov Estonia Biatches – UltraTec – 1:28.815 +1.013 +1.013
3. Giedrius Joseph Estonia Biatches – UltraTec – 1:28.911 +0.096 +1.109
4. Vytautas Veerpalu United Kingdom IKilledElvis – CrystSpeed (DAG-1.1) – 1:28.974 +0.063 +1.172
5. Donatas Singhal Portugal Arx Racing – CrystSpeed (HS1/1) – 1:28.975 +0.001 +1.173

04 December 2005 – Rumors

Due to the fact that there is a rumor running around the paddock about a possible bankrupcy of the Arx Racing F1 Team, the team releases the following:

The team is not on a process of bankrupcy, not even near.
– The team is passing through a rough time, due to the lack of the downpayment from some sponsors. The case is being trialed.
– The team staff has needed to be changed due to this problem and the fact that the HS1/1 shows lack of pace, which was found to be a design problem and is now being corrected.
The DDP (Driver Development Program) and FDR (Future Driver Research) will not be dismissed.
– The new car, HS1/2, which is to be a major evolution of the current is ahead of schedule, and not lots behind as it is said.

Arx Racing F1 Team wishes these rumors to be stopped so the team can keep concentrating on it’s work and not on these matters.

The Arx Racing F1 Team manager,
Hugo Sousa

13 November 2005 – Celebration

In order to celebrate the teams first GP, which went quite good, the Arx Racing team is throwing a party, tomorrow, by 19h00, at the Plaza Seraph Hotel.
All drivers and managers are therefore invited.

Arx Racing drivers:
5. Ellen Janssen – Arx Racing – CrystSpeed (HS1/1) – 1:34:41.922 – 1:30.304 – 61
7. Nezam Viskintas – Arx Racing – CrystSpeed (HS1/1) – 1:34:52.164 – 1:30.543 – 61

13 November 2005 – Arx Racing Presentation

Arx Racing is proud to present the HS1/1 chassis and it’s new livery. For now it will show only the team’s name. In the forthcoming events the team’s sponsors will be introduced.

Current drivers:
Driver 1: Ellen Janssen
Driver 2: Nezam Viskintas
Test driver: Donatas Singhal

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